MVs Collection #137

Manchester Orchestra - “Top Notch”
Directed by John Minton.

Solids - “Haze Away”
Directed by Étienne Nixon.

The Faint - “Help In The Head”
Directed by Tim Nackashi.

Owen Pallett - “The Riverbed”
Directed by Eva Michon.

Damon Albarn - “Lonely Press Play”
Directed by Damon Albarn.

Coldplay - “Midnight”
Directed by Mary Wigmore.

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MVs Collection #63

Santigold - “Big Mouth”
Directed by Cody Critchcoe.

Class Actress - “Bienvenue”
Directed by Clement Gino and Gregory Faure.

The Big Pink - “Hit The Ground (Superman)”
Directed by Tim Brown.

Gauntlet Hair - “Keep Time”
Directed by Bernardo Pantoja.

The Stepkids - “Suburban Dream”
Directed by Chris King.

Coldplay - “Paradise”
Directed by Shynola.

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Osheaga 2009: The Recap

45 000 people.
That’s how many showed up for this year’s festivities. Readily beating the 28 000
that showed up last year.
Coldplay had a lot to do with this number obviously and it’s probably because of
them that we may see another edition next year but I’d like to think the rest of
the schedule was enticing enough for [...]

Osheaga 2009: The Schedule

The peeps at Osheaga finally revealed the schedule with the band
line-up for each days and set times.
Surprisingly, I only have one conflict on my schedule for the whole
weekend and that’s between The Roots and Lykke Li but really, The Roots
got the upper hand on this one.
As the Osheaga organizers likes pointing out, “Line-up subject to [...]

2009 Osheaga Music Festival ( Lineup Announced )

I don’t know what it is about this blog and music festivals but …
Yesterday was all about All West Point and their lineup announcement,
today, It’s Osheaga’s turn and right off the bat, it’s miles ahead
better then last year’s lineup.
Also, this year’s edition will be a 4 day affair, July 30-31 in the city,
August 1-2 on [...]