AGDFA’s 2015 Year-End Comp Mix

My 2015 encapsulated in 65 songs.

Basically, if you’ve never listened to my podcast (and if not, what the hell!?),
this represents everything I loved in the last 12 months. Sonically displaying
what my musical tastes are all about.

So, if you end up digging this 3 hour + musical orgy of goodness, download my
next episode (and all the [...]


97 mins : 08 secs | 44.4 mb

The Dodos “Precipitation”
Individ [ amazon ]
( polyvinyl records )
website | twitter | facebook

Sleater-Kinney “Bury Our Friends”
No Cities To Love [ amazon ]
( sub pop )
website | twitter | facebook

White Lung “Drown With The Monster”
Deep Fantasy [ amazon ]
( domino recording co )
website | twitter | facebook

Menace [...]

MVs Collection #174

Cloakroom - “Starchild Skull”
Directed by Alex Henery.

Plurabelle - “Our Fires”
Directed by Mattis Dovier.

Diveliner - “Visit 1″
Directed by Ellis Grant.

Skrillex - “Doompy Poomp”
Directed by Fleur & Manu.

Run The Jewels - “Lie, Cheat, Steal”
Directed by Ruffmercy.

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A mere day stands between us and the beginning of the 13th edition of
Pop Montreal which will last until this Sunday the 21st.

Music loving nerds all over the 514 are getting ready to experience 400+ artists/bands coming down from all over the world to help us usher in the [...]