AGDFA’s 2014 Year-End Comp Mix

Second year in a row I went with the 60 songs format.

3 and a half hours worth of music i’ve been digging on all
year long.

Added bonus: I re-uploaded last year’s compilation.

I give because i ❤ each and every one of you.
HAPPY NEW YEAR! to all you scamps outthere.

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88 mins : 40 secs | 40.5 mb

The Lees Of Memory “Not A Second More”
Sisyphus Says [ amazon ]
( side one dummy records )
website | twitter | facebook

Sounds Like Sunset “Misunderstood”
We Could Leave Tonight [ amazon ]
( simon tahiti records )
website | twitter | facebook

Mike Doughty “Light Will Keep Your Heart Beating [...]

MVs Collection #162

The Bug - “Function / Void”
Directed by Factory Fifteen.

Arca - “Thievery”
Directed by Jesse Kanda.

Flying Lotus Feat. Kendrick Lamar - “Never Catch Me”
Directed by Hiro Murai.

Chromeo - “Old 45’s”
Directed by Dugan O’Neal.

Cloud Nothings - “Now Hear In”
Directed by Jordan Blackmon.

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MVs Collection #134

Jaylib - “The Heist”
Directed by Rory Gamble & Demetrios Katsantonis.

The Doppelgangaz - “Hark Back”
Directed by The Doppelgangaz.

Chromeo Feat. Toro y Moi - “Come Alive”
Directed by Alex Southam.

Omar - “The Man”
Directed by Robin Brunson.

Sebadoh - “State Of Mine”
Directed by Geoff Hoskinson.

By Divine Right - “Past The Stars”
Directed by Henry Sansom & James Mejia.

Eternal Summers - “Gouge”
Directed [...]

Pop Montreal 2011: Lineup So Far

Official Website | Myspace | Facebook | Twitter

Now that Osheaga’s over and done with, time to turn our attention to the finest
indie music festival our fine city has to offer: Pop Montreal.
Already a decade old, this year’s shenanigans will go down September 21st to
the 25th.
To celebrate it’s 10th year, Pop decided to go BIG [...]

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