MVs Collection #102

Dinosaur Pile-Up - “Derail”
Directed by (N/A).

Basement Jaxx - “Back 2 The Wild”
Directed by Mat Maitland & Natalia Stuyk.

Azealia Banks - “Yung Rapunxel”
Directed by Jam Sutton.

Bot’Ox Feat. Anna Jean - “The Face Of Another”
Directed by Flokim Lucas.

Low - “Just Make It Stop”
Directed by Philip Harder.

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79 mins : 31 secs | 54.6 mb

Massive Attack “Girl I Love You” ( virgin )
Heligoland [ amazon ]
website | myspace | facebook | interview mp3

Comanechi “Close Enough To Kiss” ( merok )
Crime Of Love [ amazon ]
website | myspace | facebook

Health “Die Slow” ( lovepump united )
Get Color [ amazon ]
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AGDFA’s 2009 Year-End Comp Mix

Happy New Year.
First great music news of said new year? Soundgarden reunion
is a go! How f’ing crazy is that?
I guess Chris Cornell finally came to his senses. Maybe his
shitty Timbaland produced R&B album, which bombed horribly,
was the last straw or this is just a reunion tour cash grab.
We shall see.
I’m pretty pumped tough. I finally [...]