Autolux : Small East Coast Tour Announced + Other Goodies

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Autolux, I love you but you’re bringing me down.
I first fell in love for their blend of art/shoegaze/dream/noise rock back in
2003 when I heard a demo floating around the interweb. Being a HUGE fan of
Greg Edwards’s previous band Failure, I knew this new band of his wouldn’t
disappoint and gosh darn it, I was right. [...]

2009 Rock The Bells Festival Series ( Lineup Announced )

The Lineup for the 2009 Rock The Bells Festival series was announced
Nothing could beat last year’s unbelievably sick roster of ‘ol schoolers
(A Tribe Called Quest, Rakim, De La Soul, The Pharcyde … etc) but, some
names on this year’s list do pop out like The Roots, Nas, KRS-One, House Of Pain,
Slum Village.
Fun should be had by [...]