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Björk “Nattura” ( nonesuch )
Biophilia (Deluxe Edition) [ amazon ]
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We Were Promised Jetpacks “Human Error” ( fatcat records )
In The Pit Of The Stomach [ amazon ]
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The Subways “We Don’t Need Money To Have A Good Time” ( cvinyl [...]

MVs Collection #49

Björk - “Moon”
Directed by Björk.

Team Ghost - “High Hopes”
Directed by Romain Glé & Thomas Séon.

The New Division - “True Lies”
Directed by Justin Sevakis.

Ty Segall - “Goodbye Bread” (NSFW)
Directed by Matt Yoka.

Slow Club - “Two Cousins”
Directed by Lucy Needs.

Lanterns On The Lake - “Keep On Trying”
Directed by Alex Southam.

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MVs Collection #40

Björk - “Crystalline”
Directed by Michel Gondry.

Timber Timbre - “Bad Ritual”
Directed by Olivier Groulx.

LCD Soundsystem - “All My Friends”  (Lego Remake)
Directed by Michael J. Green.

OK Go + Pilobolus - “All Is Not Lost”
Directed by OK Go, Pilobolus and Trish Sie.

Ladytron - “White Elephant”
Directed by Michele Civetta.

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MVs Collection #09 ( Sweet, Unabashed Nudity Within! ) NSFW

The Flaming Lips – “Watching The Planets”

A throng of hippie boys and girls in a forest, riding bicycles and or walking
around in the nude, while carrying around that famous giant plastic
bubble the Lips are so fond of with Wayne Coyne trapped inside. If you always
wanted to see Coyne’s dangling participle, your prayers i’ve been finally
answered. [...]

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